Identifying & releasing deep held triggers

Identifying & releasing deep held triggers

Each of us have our own personal triggers. If you’re a client, I may have already shared with you, my own personal milestones over the last 6 months. For those who haven’t heard, I have been personally trying to give up sugar for the last 2 1/2 years. In the beginning I was stoked if I could go a whole day sugar free. When I could make it to day 3, the cravings seemed to reduce. That was until around day 8, when all of those cravings had joined together and hit me all at once.  Releasing this addiction has not been for the want of trying, let me tell you. But there were still a few sabotages in place, that were preventing me from reaching my goal.

6 months ago, I finally identified and cleared one of my major sabotages and just like that it was able to stop. Now honestly that first 3 weeks were hell on wheels, I still had cravings but at last I could manage them. As each week passed, the cravings reduced and my vibration lifted. I had so much more clarity, I was definitely more productive and the 17km up hill hike I did over our holiday, seemed so much easier.  At this stage I thought I was over the hump.

Then a couple of weeks ago, out of know where, I baked up a storm. I made chocolate slice, date slice, chocolate brownies and ice-cream had magically returned to the freezer. After I had finished baking the chocolate brownies, the bowl was just looking at me, and something just clicked, I honestly didn’t see it coming. Instantly the bowl was licked clean and the following day I found myself walking into the shed with a brownie in each hand. As I approached my wonderful husband, all I could say is “I am really struggling to say no to sugar again and I don’t know what happened”.

We sat down and went over the recent day’s events and establish when the cravings had returned. During this time, I was able to identify the exact trigger that had set me back (which upon reflection was a really big flipping trigger). He sat there and held space for me, allowing me the time to heal at a deeper level and transform this trigger into a gift. And just like that I have not been tempted since.

I understand it is really hard when you are in the moment, to try to transform your triggers into gifts. And sometimes it feels like you are going to have to carrying the burden with you for the rest of your life. But if you can find the strength to make contact with someone and allow yourself the time to heal in a supportive space, you will start to move forward leaving these unwanted triggers behind.

If you feel like you are being triggered, give me a call on 0409877745. I would love to support you on your healing journey.

Evie xx

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