With Kinesiology we can create bonds and empower our children.
I help to crack your childs code and nurture his or her inner self.
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Parents always say to me they wish their kids came with instruction manuals. As a parent I completely understand, sometimes you feel like you are never going to figure out these beautiful little creatures. The sessions I offer are perfect for children who struggle with their emotions, their education, interacting socially, or have physical limitations.

Kinesiology can help to uncover the root causes of this behaviour, issue or struggle, allowing your child to build self esteem, confidence and happily smile again. Kinesiology also helps to empower you, as a parent, allowing you to develop a better understanding of your child’s individual needs and uniqueness.

My sessions are fabulous for children who are experiencing:

  • Difficulty expressing their emotions
  • Behavioural concerns
  • Fears, Phobias or Nightmares
  • Over sensitivities or Anxiety
  • Lack of concentration
  • Dyslexic tendencies
  • Physical discomfort
  • Nutritional sensitivities
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Exposure to bullying or trauma
  • Grief or Loss of a loved one
  • Lacking in Energy
  • Sleep problems
  • In-Utero Stress
  • Birth trauma
  • Breast feeding difficulties

One of the first things Evie asked at our consultation was what did I want to achieve from the visit for my son and I said for him to be happy. I could see the change in him during the consultation which has kept on growing since then. His self esteem has been restored, he believes in himself and reacts positively in areas he would normally be angry. He is calm, balanced and wants to enter in the school spelling bee competition. And his room, including his bed has been perfect. I can not thank you enough.


My son had a visit with Evie in his words It was strange but really works!! I could see a change in him as soon as he walked in the door


Evie is one in a million, what Evie has done & is continuing to do for all of our family is amazing she is sooooo gifted. Totally recommended!!! Thanks Evie.


If you would like to help your child reconnect, I would love to hear from you

All consultations are treated with complete confidentiality

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