“Kinesiology can help to reclaim calmness, clarity and peace, giving you strength and inspiration to create the life you want for yourself”

Reconnecting with other facets of your life…

Reconnect with your Lover
Reconnect with your Children
Reclaim your Health

Making yourself a priority can be hard, it is too easy in this busy and demanding life to get lost in the mix. In life we are constantly programming and conditioning our subconscious mind with our thoughts, habits and beliefs. Sometimes it feels as if there is something deep down holding you back not allowing you to take the next step.

These sabotage programs surface in many different ways, personal beliefs, common attitudes and deep spiritual programming. There are also different layers of sabotage, all affecting what you believe and how you think and feel. These layers could be from childhood, a past relationship, or physical or emotional trauma.

The sessions I offer can give you the nurturing and support you need to identify and clear stress or sabotage programs that you are holding onto, subconsciously or consciously, that keep you from obtaining what you truly desire.  Kinesiology can help to reclaim calmness, clarity and peace, giving you strength and inspiration to create the life you want for yourself.

My sessions can help bring clarity for clients who are experiencing:

  • Sabotage programs
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Personal boundaries issues
  • Difficultly with intimacy
  • Trauma
  • Broken Heart – Grief and Loss
  • Feelings of shame and guilt
  • Unworthiness, Rejections and Insecurity
Evie is amazing, best decision ever I made going to see her. I can’t put into words how different my life is. Thank you Evie, from the bottom of my heart x Claire

I had a consultation with Evie few weeks back it was amazing I had some ripper emotional baggage released I also have had some wonderful doors open up for me since. I’m much happier and have a follow up appointment on Friday. I can’t wait. I always leave feeling great. Melinda

Found a new kind of happiness and relaxation. Best thing I have done for myself ever. If only the whole world knew Evie Blair! Daniel

If you would like to reconnect with yourself on all levels, I would love to hear from you.

All consultations are treated with complete confidentiality

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