Each of us have day to day stresses that we learn to adapt to. Some days we appear to manage them with a spring in our step, while other days we barely scrape through and hope that nobody notices. Then there are days that go beyond stressful. A visit from an over bearing relative that tips you over the edge, a test result you weren’t expecting or a financial stress that was never ever going to fit into the budget. These are the days that are truly challenging in themselves.

So my question is what techniques do you use after a highly stressful encounter? Are they Healthy techniques or do they involve a bottle of wine, a tub of ice-cream and a comfy bed?
For me, I am very lucky to be able to use all my Kinesiology skills and tools around me. My Crystals, Essential Oils, Flower Therapy, Crystal Bowls, Emotional- Vascular-Lymphatic points. Sometimes I have to use every trick in my book, but once the negative emotions are released I then start to feel lighter, happier and life seems a lot brighter. When I use these techniques with my clients in clinic, I love seeing their faces light up, they stand taller and their smiles are radiant. They walk out the door with confidence and clarity ready to take on the world. This is one of my favourite things about being a Kinesiologist.
If you find yourself having a beyond stressful day, walk outside without your shoes, smell a flower and take a minute to breathe deeply. Assess whether you can manage the situation by yourself or if you would like to be supported. Support can often be exactly what you need to help you to take the next step with confidence and ease. If you would like support give Evie a call on 0409877745.

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