Identifying & releasing deep held triggers

Each of us have our own personal triggers. If you’re a client, I may have already shared with you, my own personal milestones over the last 6 months. For those who haven’t heard, I have been personally trying to give up sugar for the last 2 1/2 years. In the beginning...

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Find the time to Reconnect

So I re-read my last Monday's post and took my own advice. Practitioner vitality is so important not just for the practitioner and her family but also for my beautiful clients. I was feeling a little disconnected, with bury your head in the sand type of emotions. I...

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How Do You Manage Stress?

Each of us have day to day stresses that we learn to adapt to. Some days we appear to manage them with a spring in our step, while other days we barely scrape through and hope that nobody notices. Then there are days that go beyond stressful. A visit from an over...

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