This is what you can expect in a session with Blair Kinesiology....

Kinesiology is a gentle, effective natural therapy that supports growth and change in all areas of your life.

During your session, I use a range of physical, emotional, nutritional, and energetic techniques, to lift your vibration and allow you to make long lasting changes.


Initial Session

1 X 90-minute Kinesiology session.
Investment – $130
During your initial consultation, I introduce you into my world of Kinesiology. Every Kinesiologist is different, each of us have different skillsets, interests and training that has made us all very unique. During this time, I get to know you and you get to know me. We discuss various aspect of your world including the issue at hand, and what goal you want to achieve. This is where the magic starts….

Follow-up Sessions

1 X 60-minute Kinesiology session
Investment – $95
Follow up appointments are usually 3-4 weeks apart depending on your needs. This gives you time to implement changes into your world. If there’s an issue or problem that you’ve had for a while, its usually takes a couple of sessions to get to the cause of the issue. Clients tend to notice a huge shift in the first session and the follow up sessions help to consolidate this work. I encourage 1-3 follow up sessions depending on your individual situation.

Skype/Telephone Sessions

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to help us find your next priority correction, allowing us to identify where the body is holding stress and how the body can re-align. During a Telephone/Skype Kinesiology session, I perform the muscle test on myself, as a surrogate for you. Surrogating simply means – tuning into an energy field or frequency of another’s energy, with YOUR full permission of course! This means we can work out where your body is holding stress and bring it back into balance just as easily as if you were in a clinic session. Advantages of a Telephone/Skype session is that you can stay in the privacy of your own home, work around your employment or have access to assistance while travelling. Clients love the convenience and the brilliant results they receive when working with a Skype session.

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